Think Before You Selfie

Let’s face it – there are a million things to consider when you are on the job hunt. One of the most commonly overlooked considerations is your personal brand. We know that over 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates. LinkedIn is one social media account that is great for networking, staying in touch with current and past counterparts and getting those recommendations. It is also a great job search aide – allowing employers to find you.

I have said it before, but it bears repeating. Take the time to clean up your social media accounts and beef up your LinkedIn profile. Ideally you aren’t posting rants or other items in poor taste… Keeping an eye toward your personal brand, make sure your LinkedIn profile picture is professional – if not taken by one. First impressions matter. Make sure you are setting a positive and inviting tone. The goal is, after all, being invited to interview!

Don’t have a LinkedIn account? It’s time! Use it as an excuse to re-connect with past bosses and coworkers. Many of my clients thank me for pushing them to do this, being pleasantly surprised by the responses they receive. Plus, you never know when a connection could result in a job offer.

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Winds Of Change.

I don’t know about you, but my personal life is in a big transition phase this summer. While there is no denying that change amps up tensions, there is such a sense of peace and rightness in the changes my family and I are making. It is emotional and exciting at the same time. Alright, it is mostly exciting!

While I plan to continue blogging to share hiring trends, tips and tricks for those of you going it alone, I will be pacing back my resume writing. For my current and furture clients and referrals, don’t worry, I will continue to support you, your resume needs and those you have referred to my service until October. After October, the projects I accept will be fewer and based on very limited availability. In other words, I am sticking with you during prime resume season.

Why this particular change? Primarily because the needs of my family are changing. In addition, and while I feel resumes are here for the near future, I do see the very real trend toward digital portfolio’s and personal websites. Am I able to meet this new trend in the industry? Sure. However, I enjoy writing resumes… Building websites – not as much. I also don’t like the prices I would have to charge clients for creating their personal websites. My goal from the beginning has been to create high-quality product at affordable prices.

At the same time I began looking more closely at which direction I should take, going all-in on YRW or seaking out a new opportunity, I received a call from a friend about an amazing opportunity with an impressive organization. After speaking to John it would seem as though the stars have aligned for my family, clients and career. Great Impressions and it’s leadership are as passionate about putting the customer first as I am. At the same time, they believe in taking care of their team and, just arriving a few months ago from Dubai, they are at the top of their field – bringing cutting-edge, high-end marketing, communications and design to our front door.

My hope for each of you is that the winds of change are kind and the stars are aligning for you also this summer. I can not thank you enough for your endless support and your business. Grateful to you. Talk soon.

Have a Happy & Safe Memorial Day!

As we all head into a three day weekend and summer officially begins, I hope we take a moment to consider the fine men and women who have, and who currently, serve our great country. For those who sacrifice so much, sometimes their very lives, we celebrate an extra day off from work, have a picnic and/or spend time with our family. Let’s remember to celebrate these fine men and women, all they gave up and continue to, so we can enjoy our many freedoms.

May we never forget.

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Hiring Trends every Job Seeker should Understand.

One of the biggest obstacles to getting hired right now is the lack of understanding on the part of job seeker’s regarding how hiring is being done. Below is an informative article from FlexJobs, helping you learn what topics you need to dig in on and master for a successful job search.

First, companies are more flexible with work arrangements than ever before. If you have been looking for that opportunity that gives you the opportunity to work remotely or alternative work hours, you are more likely than ever before to find that situation. Many companies are moving to a mostly, if not 100%, remote workforce to reduce overhead. In addition to the benefit of flexible work arrangements, many companies are offering unique benefits to appeal to, and retain, top candidates. Think anything from gym memberships to box seats for spring training games.

Next, we see many hiring managers building a pipeline of candidates and going back to that pool as positions open. As a candidate this means you want to act with grace throughout the hiring process – especially if you were passed over as first choice. Also, be particularly open to non-traditional communication. We are all hyper-busy, including over-burdened hiring managers. Be prepared for text and social media messages in lieu of more formal communications.

Finally, because it is a competitive market, you can expect more pleasant handling by hiring managers. Remember, they are building their talent pipeline. As much as you need to make a good impression, so do they. With the ever-increasing dependence on automated tracking systems, hiring managers are learning to better populate keywords to pre-screen potential candidates, saving them valuable time – which they are now using to manage your hiring process experience.

For every job seeker candidate with an excellently crafted resume in hand this should mean a much more pleasant hiring, on-boarding and overall work experience. The process will still be lengthy, but has become more worthwhile in landing that ideal work situation.

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Good News for the Q2 Job Seeker!

With graduation quickly approaching, experienced candidates want to be sure to dust off those resumes and get them circulating. Why? Many companies are preparing for an influx of candidates in the talent pool with all these new graduates coming on the scene. Companies are posting, or getting ready to post, their open positions.

There are (at least) two benefits for experienced candidates on the hunt for a new position in the second quarter. First, a majority of the experienced candidates began their search in January as part of their New Year’s resolution. Their job hunt is either complete or cooled off. Second, your competition is inexperienced. Being an experienced candidate with a multitude of workplace and position experience gives you a definite edge.

So, if you have been thinking about making a move, now is your time. The job market is still going strong, more open positions are about to or have already hit the marketplace – and you may get to experience a compressed hiring cycle with hiring managers preparing to go on vacation…

It’s a perfect time to begin circulating your keyword-optimized, achievement-laden, targeted position/industry resume. Let’s get to work.

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The Professionally Written Resume Edge!

I absolutely love the article I attach at the end of this post. Not only because the author makes a solid case for the professionally written resume – which happens to be my thing, but because I have found truth in my experience with real clients in every point she makes.
You can go it on your own, and some folks do fine writing their own resume. However, I have seen, time and again, the real boost it gives my clients to discuss their career with an unbiased 3rd party. We really are a humble culture. This makes for resumes that do not do a candidate justice.
In support of the points the author makes, many of my clients come back to me to let know how much the process of writing a resume with me helped them prepare for, and nail, the interview.
And this is what it’s all about, folks. You can have a bad resume and not make it through ATS for the chance to interview, you can somehow make it through ATS and have a mediocre interview, and you can go through the process of creating excellent-quality, professional marketing documents for your job search – and own the interview.
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