I don’t know about you, but my personal life is in a big transition phase this summer. While there is no denying that change amps up tensions, there is such a sense of peace and rightness in the changes my family and I are making. It is emotional and exciting at the same time. Alright, it is mostly exciting!

While I plan to continue blogging to share hiring trends, tips and tricks for those of you going it alone, I will be pacing back my resume writing. For my current and furture clients and referrals, don’t worry, I will continue to support you, your resume needs and those you have referred to my service until October. After October, the projects I accept will be fewer and based on very limited availability. In other words, I am sticking with you during prime resume season.

Why this particular change? Primarily because the needs of my family are changing. In addition, and while I feel resumes are here for the near future, I do see the very real trend toward digital portfolio’s and personal websites. Am I able to meet this new trend in the industry? Sure. However, I enjoy writing resumes… Building websites – not as much. I also don’t like the prices I would have to charge clients for creating their personal websites. My goal from the beginning has been to create high-quality product at affordable prices.

At the same time I began looking more closely at which direction I should take, going all-in on YRW or seaking out a new opportunity, I received a call from a friend about an amazing opportunity with an impressive organization. After speaking to John it would seem as though the stars have aligned for my family, clients and career. Great Impressions and it’s leadership are as passionate about putting the customer first as I am. At the same time, they believe in taking care of their team and, just arriving a few months ago from Dubai, they are at the top of their field – bringing cutting-edge, high-end marketing, communications and design to our front door.

My hope for each of you is that the winds of change are kind and the stars are aligning for you also this summer. I can not thank you enough for your endless support and your business. Grateful to you. Talk soon.

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