With graduation quickly approaching, experienced candidates want to be sure to dust off those resumes and get them circulating. Why? Many companies are preparing for an influx of candidates in the talent pool with all these new graduates coming on the scene. Companies are posting, or getting ready to post, their open positions.

There are (at least) two benefits for experienced candidates on the hunt for a new position in the second quarter. First, a majority of the experienced candidates began their search in January as part of their New Year’s resolution. Their job hunt is either complete or cooled off. Second, your competition is inexperienced. Being an experienced candidate with a multitude of workplace and position experience gives you a definite edge.

So, if you have been thinking about making a move, now is your time. The job market is still going strong, more open positions are about to or have already hit the marketplace – and you may get to experience a compressed hiring cycle with hiring managers preparing to go on vacation…

It’s a perfect time to begin circulating your keyword-optimized, achievement-laden, targeted position/industry resume. Let’s get to work.

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