Great Article from Forbes for You!

Changing things up a bit today, sharing this article from Forbes with you and delving into what I like so much about it. Primarily, I love that the author, Liz Ryan, focuses on awareness from the start – before sitting down to have your resume written. As Franklin Covey says, “Begin with the end in mind.” This holds true for your career search and writing your resume!

Ryan asks you to begin by keeping a journal. I am a list girl, myself. However you choose to do it, write down your thoughts regarding your ideal career. The best advice she gives is “asking a friend.” YES! Our friends know us so well and frequently have that unbiased outlook that helps us carve out our direction and options. In fact, I encourage my clients to share the first draft of their resume with someone who knows them well. Friends and loved ones are not afraid to be your cheerleader and advocate for you when your humbleness might otherwise hold you back.

The great counsel continues with asking you to consider what you are truly good at. What are you passionate about? This can be a role you have played at work or as a volunteer, or even in your younger years. Then consider what your ideal job looks like. What are the things you can do for an employer that few others can? When your passion and career mesh, magic happens.

Finally, Ryan asks you to keep track of your “dragon slayer stories.” Again, YES! So many people overlook their achievements and accomplishment and just put a rote job description on their resume. For your benefit, as well as for your career, you should be keeping track of achievements and what they have meant for your employer, volunteer organization, etc. Quantifiable achievements are a direct way to demonstrate what you have and will bring to an employers table.

Read the article, here ->

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