The answer to this, as with most things, is varied. I would love to tell you that I knew what my calling was from the beginning and followed it doggedly. In truth, I started down the path to resume writing when I was laid off. My experience with resume writing and the ever-changing standards began when a dear friend helped me write my resume in the, then, current standards.

From there, I gained a position with the local workforce board. In that role, I met with hiring managers and executives to uncover their hiring needs to facilitate filling their open positions with quality candidates. After a short time, it became clear that our experienced professional candidates were being underserved within the existing programs. That is when I developed a professional candidate program. In this program, we invited these professionals to meet at coffee shops and book stores to learn how to write resumes in the new standard and how to develop their personal brand on social media, like LinkedIn.

Writing my friend’s and family’s resumes began around this same time. Thanks to LinkedIn, I was recruited away from my position with the workforce board. And then I was recruited away from that position. So, big fan of LinkedIn here! All the while, I continued writing resumes for friends and family.

After my husband and I made the life-altering decision to home school our son, I began contract work with an online resume company. It was great experience, but I wanted to be in control of the process with my clients. Time and again, I had unsatisfied clients added to my docket as a result of first trying the 24-hour turn around. I wasn’t allowed to interview clients unless they paid extra, and I felt pressure to begin accepting 24 and 48-hour projects. This simply isn’t enough time to turn around a quality resume – most times, 24-hours isn’t even enough time for the client to respond to the questions you emailed them.

My husband, knowing my struggle and seeing all the bonuses I was receiving from happy clients, encouraged me to officially go out on my own. No more working for only family and friends. I launched my Facebook page and now enjoy running my business, helping people and doing the job the way I feel it should be done for my international client base. I still may not get to meet the majority of my clients, but I get that all-important interview, which allows me to get to know them and mine all the golden nuggets they don’t independently remember from their career history.

Finally, I am constantly researching the latest trends and all things relative to resume writing. I have to do my homework because the standards and trends are forever changing. What was the benchmark two years ago is now obsolete. My membership with the NRWA also helps me stay abreast of the current standards and hone my craft through ongoing classes and webinars.

Thanks so much for reading, watching and subscribing! Talk soon.


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