To answer this question, I have to ask a question. Are you getting interviews? Is there any interest at all in your resume? This is the best measurement tool to determine the quality of your resume. If you aren’t getting any social messages, emails, phone screens or interviews, you likely have a problem somewhere in your resume.

The most likely reason you aren’t getting any bites on your resume is that you are getting filtered out of ATS – those electronic applicant tracking systems. While ATS are a necessary defense for any HR department, ATS systems filter you based on specific (position or industry) keywords. If you have the proper keywords populated throughout your resume, you should make it through to the hiring manager for consideration.

If you are making it through ATS to the hiring manager and still not being contacted, you may want to review the visual appeal of your resume. Did you balance white space against text – meaning, have you been brief as possible while adequately demonstrating your expertise? Do you have a clean format? Do you have a header that ensures you are the central focus of your resume? Keep in mind, hiring managers average less than 60 seconds on the initial review of a resume.

The question isn’t whether you have a good resume or not. The question is, are you getting asked to interview.

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