It seems as though my answers to many of the questions I receive are, “Absolutely not.” This question certainly falls into that same category. No. You should feel no pressure to keep your resume to 1 page. The only 1-page documents I have created have been for recent college graduates. So, if you are a recent college graduate, certainly try to keep your resume to a single page.

For the rest of us, while I do strongly agree with the concept of brevity in your resume, it would be unfair to limit yourself. Consider all the things you need to accomplish in your marketing document; attractive format, balanced white space, powerful content populated with keywords and highlighting those attributes and skills that set you apart from other candidates. Pretty impossible to do all that in 1 page if you have professional career experience.

Remember, your resume / marketing document is the last place to be humble. Play up your achievements, your training and skills that give you the edge over your competition. Couple all these things with a clean, attractive (and possibly even, edgy) format, and you have a good shot at getting through to the interview phase.

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