If you are like many folks, you are wondering how to highlight your unique skill set on your resume. For a while, it was standard to list your skills in bullet form on your resume following your summary of qualifications statement. This is fine, and even the perfect standard, if you are a project manager or are in the IT industry. For the rest of us, and even for project managers and IT professionals, I would encourage creativity in how you present the skills that set you apart from the competition.

To determine your unique skill set, consider the trends in your industry. Think about what skills are required, then think about the skills that are most sought after for the role you are targeting. Populate these skills and aptitudes throughout your resume – include them in the achievements spread throughout your resume.

Once you’ve determined the skills unique to you and integrated them into your resume, emphasize this expertise by playing up the trainings, workshops, awards and above-and-beyond results that compliment and ‘prove’ your skill set. Remember to put those items that differentiate you from your competition on the first page of your resume.

I challenge you to stop just using bullet points and highlight your training, awards and above-and-beyond results in a creative way. Keeping in mind that graphics and pictures can get you filtered out of ATS – play with shading and text boxes. Keep it classy and clean but be sure your documents stand out from the hundreds of documents the hiring manager receives.

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