I know you are going to hate this answer, but it’s the honest truth. It depends.

We know that we break the rules for the right clients with the right situation. So, please, don’t hold me to hard and fast rules. My blogs/vlogs are written in the spirit of sharing, what I hope, are helpful guidelines.

That said, the general, current standard for where to place education on your resume depends on whether you are an experienced candidate or a recent graduate.

Recent graduates generally position their education on the first page of their resume, somewhere close to the top of the page. Typically, in the case of the recent grad, educational track, GPA, special programs, internship and/or educational institution are their competitive advantage. Recent grads are competing against other recent grads for similar positions.

Two things worth mentioning here. If you have been in the workforce and went back to get your degree for that promotion or to change industries, you are not a recent grad (see the next paragraph). If you are a recent college grad that completed your degree following high school but held a full-time job in the workforce while doing so, I would consider you an experienced candidate. (Emphasis on full-time and workforce, here. In other words, if you held a part-time work study job on campus, you are a recent grad).

For my experienced candidates, I tend to place education after professional experience. Keep in mind, each of my clients receive a customized format that aligns with their target industry and personality, while highlighting their achievements and competitive advantages. Meaning, I reserve the right to break the rules to achieve a quality result for my client, whether they are an experienced candidate or a recent graduate.

Thanks for reading and subscribing to my blog. Talk Soon.

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