Do I Really Need a Resume Writer? Really, Really?

My previous blog on this tells you that I believe you absolutely need a resume writer. Apart from the advent of ATS, the electronic applicant tracking systems that most employers currently use, there are a host of reasons to outsource your resume.

The job market is constantly changing. This means that resume standards and trends are constantly changing. Hiring a resume writer puts the onus of remaining current on these standards on your writer – and takes it off your very busy shoulders. For example, resumes are now considered “Personal Marketing Documents,” but you don’t have to know that because you have hired a talented resume writer!

The biggest obstacle to writing your own resume is our culture of humbleness. Humbleness and being a team player are attractive qualities in anyone. Yet, these things can translate poorly on your resume. You can’t give all the accolades on your resume to the team. Remember, you are “marketing” yourself. Highlight your accomplishments, the projects you led and the fantastic results the team wouldn’t have been able to achieve without you.

Your Personal Marketing Documents are where you finally get to take the credit for all the results your employer(s) has experienced through your hard work. A resume writer becomes your cheerleader, pulls your achievements out of you during the ‘interview’ and jogs your memory for more; highlighting these items on your documents to visually demonstrate what you bring to the table of your prospective employer.

A great side benefit of working with a resume writer that many of my clients have relayed to me, is that you are forced to realize and acknowledge your successes. Discussing your career highlights and seeing them showcased on your final documents turns out to be fantastic preparation for the interview phase of your career search.

Thanks for reading and subscribing to my blog. Talk Soon.


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