This is an important point in creating a resume. What to leave off your resume can be as important as what you need to have on it!

To get started, leave off that ‘objective’. Although the economy is turning around and that means there are jobs to be had, it is an employer-centric job market. So, change that objective statement into a ‘summary of qualifications’ that really shows off your skill set and accomplishments.

I have mentioned this previously, but it bears mentioning again – leave off those dates. No dates of graduation. No high school career information. No day in the month/day/year of each position you’ve held. You want to be as universally appealing a candidate as possible, and not dating yourself or highlighting a competitive disadvantage goes a long way in keeping the focus on what you have achieved.

Unequivocally, leave pictures of yourself off your resume. While some folks, like realtors, may use their picture on their business card, a terrible print-out of your resume is not the first time you want a potential employer seeing your face. Also, we know pictures and graphics can boot you out of Applicant Tracking Systems. So, no pictures, please.

Additionally, you should leave off marital status, date of birth and number of children. This point is mostly for our international candidates, as other countries CVs still include this information.

Finally, leave off volunteer work. Unless your volunteer work enabled you to gain some competitive skills, coaching your child’s little league team or sending out mailers should not be given critical space on your resume.

This is by no means a comprehensive listing – and there will be more on what you should leave off your resume in upcoming blogs/vlogs.

Thanks for reading. Talk Soon.

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