My answer to this question is short, but multi-faceted. I do not offer 24-hour turn-around service. The only situation in which I might consider offering a client 24-hour turn-around would be if we were doing a revision of a previous marketing document, completed by me – meaning that I am completely familiar with you, your career history and target position.

The reason I do not offer 24-hour turn-around is that I strongly feel this short-changes my clients on a number of levels. Mainly, I couldn’t justify bumping one client’s project back for another client wanting a 24-hour turn-around.

Most importantly, I have a busy personal life and am blessed to have the opportunity to work for/with wonderful people in a way that I hope is helpful and enriching for each person I get to count as a client. Having an active lifestyle doesn’t lend itself well to 24-hour turn-around.

Critical to consider, in my mind, is research. Putting together a quality marketing document takes loads of research. Research on my client (interview discussion), research about my client (old resume, evaluations, awards, certificates) and research on my clients’ target industry. A 24-hour turn-around would stunt research and, in my years of writing resumes, always disappoints the client.

Thanks for reading. Talk Soon.

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