Let me steer your focus for hiring a resume writer toward investment. It is an expense. Depending on who you hire and how lengthy your project is, it can truly be a pricy endeavor. Consider this, though. How much do you get paid for your time at work?

Your resume writer, if you have hired one worth their salt, will be putting in a lot of hours. There is the interview, where your resume writer gets to know you and culls out all the things not on the resume you wrote for yourself. Then there is the review of the certificates, awards, evaluations and other documentation you provide for consideration.

Next, (you likely know what I’m going to mention here) ATS maneuvering. Keyword research takes hours. The more universally appealing your writer needs to make your documents (i.e. the more undecided you are about your next career), the longer a keyword search can go on.

Finally, your resume writer has a few days to get to know you and craft a two-page document that encompasses who you are and best showcases what you are capable of doing for a potential employer in a way that gets your resume through ATS and appeals to a diverse group of hiring managers.

In short, resume writers earn their fee.

Thanks for reading. Talk soon.

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