The first thing I try to do for my clients is position them to be as universally appealing as possible. One way I do this is by covering only what is absolutely necessary on their personal marketing documents or resume. You want your documents to appeal to the hiring manager, but leave the finer points for discussion in the interview.

My point is this – leave off those dates. Dating yourself, whether you are young, experienced or really experienced, can immediately make you unappealing. If you are just out of college, a company may not want to hire you for lack of experience, both in the workplace and in working collaboratively with co-workers. More experienced candidates are in danger of not being considered because they typically demand higher salaries, and in some cases, employers don’t want to train candidates that may retire after just a year or two at the company.

When it comes to dates on your resume, I recommend that you try to be as vague as possible, even excluding them. Omit graduation dates, training dates and the day in the month/day/year of transition between roles. You will have the opportunity to  clarify and expound on these items on the application, if not in the interview.

Thanks so much for reading. Talk soon.

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