My answer. A resounding, “YES!” In many cases you should consult a resume writer. Thanks to the invention of applicant tracking systems (ATS), folks like me have this great gig. ATS, electronic applicant tracking systems, make hiring managers job a little lighter, but create an obstacle for even the most qualified candidates.

ATS require specific key words based on your target position. If you do not have these key words and phraseology populated throughout your resume and cover letter, your chances of getting to the interview phase so you can land the job are pretty slim.

And, yes, odds are very good that the company with the open position you are applying for uses ATS. Most companies are relying more and more on automation and technology to lesson the load on their workforce. If you are lucky enough to be trying for a position at a smaller business without ATS, you still want to be sure that your resume and cover letter reflect current industry standards.

To summarize, resumes are the critical first step to getting the job / launching the career you want. Hire a resume writer if you don’t know the latest trends and industry key words. More to come on those trends!

Thanks so much for reading. Talk soon.

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